This is the way businesses are going to get goods to consumers, and get paid. The same way I'm doing it here with my music and art. But, I also have insight to some things that aren't as easily apparent. How do you get your music to show up on iTunes? What does owning your own domain name have to do with any of it?

I can use a picture of my spine on a t-shirt design, have them made for me, shipped by someone for me, and sell them at my website. In the case of music and Apple's iTunes, I am equal to Taylor Swift, because my music is on Apple too. I made mine though, from top-to-bottom, and I own the rights to all of it. Same with the shirt.

The spiritual component comes in here because the talent to do it was given to me. And wherever I find it necessary to thank God publicly, like right here, I should elevate the name of Jesus Christ at the same time. Because I worship one God in three persons. And I should always ask myself if I'm too good to associate myself with Jesus Christ. Hopefully never will that day ever come.