I think I have a lot of social anxiety. I notice how I get nervous when I'm in a group of new friends or company. It's hard to maintain my train of thought, and I feel uneasy. I've noticed how uncomfortable I've been in general lately, and that I've always felt this way.

To work on that I'm trying to make an effort to spend time with people I don't normally spend time with. I am also really trying to stay on task when there are new people around me.

I read an article talking about AI putting everyone out of work. I can bet it's going to take over the internet with frauds and copies. Verification of who's who is going to be impossible almost, that's why I have my own .com site that I can prove belongs to me. A real person. Somone who has the ability to be someone's role-model. AI will never take the place of the genuine real human as a mentor or boss. Do you want to work for a machine? Can you be loved by a machine?

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