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I released this now because it was time. The seed that was planted long ago has grown into some maturity. I say some as in enough to have a personality, but still immature enough to laugh at itself. I'm not sure I'm saying it very well.

There are resonant sections of this where the guitar parts go in and out of this phase-shift which I find very satisfying. Comfort food for my ears, like Mr. Ballen on his YouTube story videos. I like the drums in the intro, just the groove of it. There's always a new favorite sound to discover.

It's not like I have a shortage of things to do, but releasing a piece of music I personally like is something I'm really proud of myself for. It's real hard to stay focused to the finish line giving not necessarily your best possible, but the best you had time for.

It's on purpose that I stuck with an Apple AI drummer. Everything's on purpose. I'm a genius.

I thank my Lord and savior Jesus Christ for this and I believe in him. Father, Son, Spirit.